Professional Services

A full service consulting firm, Sonya Barnes International offers a distinct menu of services which include corporate programs targeted towards women in leadership and Y.E.L.P. (Young Emerging Leader Professionals) with her programs, Invisible to Influential and Campus to Corporate. Emphasizing personal branding and communications, Sonya Barnes is captivating and on trend with information regarding women in leadership and has a great rapport with audiences, making her a sought out speaker at conferences worldwide. For additional information please email us at

An advocate for the business and education of style and branding, her training division - International Fashion Style Academy is targeted towards emerging stylist of all ages. This specialized course offers certifications and workshops in personal styling, fashion/commercial styling and a young-preneur fashion camp and year round program for budding stylist and fashionistas. For additional information, please contact us at

Individual/Private Client  Services

I take exceptional pride in working with a very the discerning client who understands the importance of personal style and branding. What separates me from others is that I  take the time to know the client and their personal lifestyle and goals/objectives. I  don't "paper-doll" dress them. It is an intimate relationship and important they we are comfortable with the intimate space of style/branding. They're real people with real lives.

International Fashion Style Academy (IFSA)

The International Fashion Style Academy is dedicated to excellence.of the education and the business of fashion and style. Our talented team of experts  provide current and cutting edge knowledge to the participants. IFSA will introduce students to the industry of fashion and style aspects from real life to runway. We host celebrity and industry experts providing workshops and classes for all things fashion and style. For additional information, please email us at

International Fashion Style Academy Retailers Program (IFSA)

The IFSA Retail Program is designed for retailers who have an interest in having their sales associates certified as wardrobe stylist. This training goes beyond inventory and seasonal trends. An in depth look of understanding body and line analysis along with simple color theory to assist customers with purchasing the correct garments for their body and lifestyle. It gives the retailers the advantage of more than just "selling" clothes. Studies have shown that clients who purchase garments that work for their body type and lifestyle while staying on trend. Customers  tend to become loyal and repeat customers. For more information, contact us at