Why SBI? What makes us so unique?

With the saturation of media placing emphasis on fashion styling and make-over shows; SBI has over a decade of experience in both image consulting, image education and personal and fashion styling. Having done both the internal work on her personal transformation and re-branding herself both personally and professionally; she understands that there’s more to you than meets the eye. Appearance and wardrobe are key components in one's successes strategy but it's just one piece of the puzzle. The mission of SBI is to discover the full potential of groups and individuals by providing world class programs proven to enhance their peak appearance, behavior and communications.


International Fashion & Style Academy (IFSA)
The International Fashion Style Academy is a trendsetting image consultant institution rooted in excellence. The differentiated curriculum of the program prepares students for an array of career paths . An industry recognized team of experts provide insight into the world of fashion and branding, from real life to runway.

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IFSA Camp - Lights, Camera FASHION CAMP!
Our Lights, Camera Fashion Summer Camp is designed as a co-ed day camp for youth ages 7-16 years who are interested in the creative art expression of fashion and styling. Our camp focuses on three building blocks as it relates to fashion education and self esteem. For each program and age group, we address:


  1. The fashion industry as it relates to age appropriateness and creating styles that are a reflection of who they are and how to appropriately express themselves through the art of fashion
  2. Self-esteem and positive brand image which includes hygiene, beauty, and health nutrition
  3. The future of fashion and how they can implement entrepreneurship at an early age to create brand identity


Our Mission
To provide an immersive learning environments exposing students to the fashion style industry with hands on practicum education from the top leaders in the industry. We focus on the development of essential business skills and personal confidence to position them for success. We focus on building self esteem and positive messages about individual brand.

Our Vision
Our vision is simple. To build a global industry name providing world class education. Fashion Education, Internationally Inspired! 

We value inclusiveness and cross cultural participation from around the globe. We have strong standards of integrity, leadership and inclusiveness. Our standard of service is excellence.