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  • The World Health Organization has now classified burnout as syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

  • Forty-two percent of women report being burned out according to McKinsey report, 2022.


  • Physicians, nurses, and teachers have some of the highest burnout rates.

  • Self care is not a cure for burnout.


  • Time-management skills are not a tool to reduce or eliminate burnout. Burnout is often self-imposed and mindset driven.


  • Burnout impacts your organizations’ bottom line. When burnout leads to turnover, it can cost an organization up to 75% of a new hire’s salary, including the recruiting, hiring, and training.


  • Imposter syndrome leads to burnout.


  • 53% of women say their stress levels are higher than they were a year ago, and almost half feel burned out. (Deloitte)


  • Burnout is a mental health and wellness initiative that organizations are now recognizing.

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