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The Extraordinary Life Institute


I know who you are. I’ve been there before. 


  • You're at the peak of your career that you've worked so hard to achieve and now ask yourself, 'is this it?'

  • You dread Sundays because you know it all starts again tomorrow; (actually, you worked some this weekend when you swore to your family you wouldn't)

  • You function daily through the motion and then realize "brain fog" is real!

  • Your sleep is segmented, and you find yourself tired all the time.

  • You find yourself irritable, emotionally drained, and wish for more hours in a day.

  • You long for some serious time to reset. 

  • Simply put, you are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, and for many, in the throes of menopause.


 What if you could:

  • Regain control of your career and get excited all over again about what you do?

  • Turn off work at a designated time so that you separate work from home.

  • Create the space for energy to enjoy downtime with family, friends, and hobbies and interests.

  • Go on vacation and enjoy without remnants of work lurking in your head

  • Say "no," and mean it without guilt

  • Gain control and freedom of both your professional life AND your personal life

  • Find time to reconnect with your spouse or partner, or better yet, date! 

  • Implement self-care that honors your whole being so that you look and feel in better health.


If you find yourself:

  • Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, wondering, "who's that woman?"

  • You're 10-20 lbs. heavier with an uninvited mid-section

  • Over drinking, overeating, or bingeing out on television to "escape" your reality 


The pressure to maintain that high level of productivity is wearing you down.  You know the pace at which you are going is not sustainable. You need to be and do different but don't know where to begin. 


  • You're smart, intelligent, and at your level; you've taken or read every book and assessment about time management, leadership, etc., and still, you feel this way.

Imagine if,


  • You could design the life you desire and work without despair 

  • You have more energy to do the things that bring you joy

  • Recognize that you have all the time you need

  • You lost the excess weight and gained more confidence

  • You know that you are more than your work role; work doesn't define who you are. 


How would that feel?  What would that do for you?  Your health, family, your career?


In this masterclass, we focus on your whole well-being so that your professional career continues to fulfill you without constant stress, burnout, and dissatisfaction. 

Our 90 day - Intensive Master Class program provides:


  • Simple, sustainable strategies to mitigate the stresses of life and work

  • Identify the impacts of the physical and mental changes and how to manage them

  • Recognize old mindsets and limiting beliefs about "having it all.”

  • Boldly implement both your feminine energy

  • Reframe what "time" actually means and master your design

  • Establish a new methodology to disconnect your mind from the office with ease,

  • Establish compassionate boundaries to self-preserve your biggest commodity; YOU.


Let's talk if you're ready to take this step towards a better life and well-being. SCHEDULE HERE for your complimentary discovery call today!

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