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Over the past two decades, I've worked with senior executive women on personal
branding, image development, and executive presence worldwide. Given the impact of
work challenges, community commitments, and personal life, exhaustion creeps in,
often resulting in burnout and other health concerns.

I faced burnout headfirst in 2019, shortly after completing a graduate degree. My oldest
son was in a terrible car accident requiring around-the-clock care for several months
and a wedding that same year, all while trying to maintain a sense of self, my business,
community engagement, and my sanity. It was all too much. My weight shot up, my skin
began to change, there wasn't a concealer on the market to help the under-eye bags, and my mental attitude about work spiraled fast. Welcome 2020 with our second grandson
in early March, and the rest, as we know, is history. We were all forced with the
unknown. That was a time of reckoning when I faced how I lived and evaluated this
"glamorous" life I had created. I had achieved a level of success. I was a known
influencer both in my industry and community. Still, I knew I could not carry this pace
and live a fulfilling extraordinary life without sacrificing my health and well-being. This
was my mantra! Many of my clients were also experiencing the same thing. This was
bigger than just stress. In addition to burnout, we all were wrestling with some phases of
menopause. Well-being and health are paramount to an extraordinary life.
As Founder of The Extraordinary Life Institute, I am committed to helping ensure the
total well-being of high-performance women in the workplace. 


Our mission is to help organizations and senior executive women experiencing burnout
and stress implement simple strategies for more time and freedom to do things that
create joy, meaning, and optimum work performance.


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Entrepreneur & Consultant

With almost two decades as an international style and brand expert, Sonya has traveled throughout the United States, and globally to destinations such as Southeast Asia and Europe providing keynote presentations and leading engaged training and workshops to Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America General Electric, Vina Capital and a numerous of others.


Community Influencer , Philanthropist & Humanitarian

Sonya has served in leadership roles on numerous Boards of Directors including Leadership Charlotte where she currently serves and served as Board Chair, 2015-2016. Other board involvement includes Hospice Palliative Care, The Arts Empowerment Project, and Mitchell’s Fund. With a passion for international concerns, Sonya is a founding member of The Lunch Project (TLP), a global non-profit organization serving hot lunches to children in Tanzania, East Africa and Lily Pad Haven, a non-profit that supports girls and women out of human-trafficking. In 2018, Mecklenburg Times named her as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Charlotte, NC.


Global Savant of Style

She has appeared in national and international media outlets as a style expert including her local television, regional and national media including the Charlotte Observer, Charlotte Today, Good Day Vietnam, and The Moulin Gazetteer (France). and most recently the Chicago Tribune. Sonya has been chosen as a brand and style expert for Tone Networks; an online subscription for women providing style and branding tips for professional women.

Recognitions include:

  • Inaugural Fashion Icon Award

  • 25 Most Stylish, Charlotte

  • Charlotte’s Most Stylish Women

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