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 Mastering Burnout: A Transformational Journey to Thriving in Life & Work

 3 Day Master Class Jan. 25-27, 2023

I know who you are. I’ve been there before. 


  • You're at the peak of your career that you've worked so hard to achieve and now ask yourself, 'is this it?'

  • You dread Sundays because you know it all starts again tomorrow; (actually, you worked some this weekend when you swore to your family you wouldn't)

  • You function daily through the motion and then realize "brain fog" is real!

  • You long for some serious time to reset. 

  • Simply put, you are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, and for many, in the throes of menopause.


What if you could:


  • Regain control of your career and get excited all over again about what you do?

  • Turn off work at a designated time so that you separate work from home.

  • Create the space for energy to enjoy downtime with family, friends, and hobbies and interests.

  • You're smart, intelligent, and at your level; you've taken or read every book and assessment about time management, leadership, etc., and still, you feel this way.



Imagine if,

  • You could design the life you desire and work without despair 

  • You have more energy to do the things that bring you joy

  • You lost the excess weight and gained more confidence

  • You went to work with a new and fresh attitude


In this 3 day intensive you will: 


  • Recognize old mindsets and limiting beliefs about "having it all.”

  • Boldly implement your feminine energy

  • Establish a new methodology to disconnect your mind from the office with ease,

  • Reframe what "time" actually means and master your design

  • And so much more



Click here to have a conversation or join me January 25-25th from the comfort of your home


Even if you’ve taken time management and leadership courses in the past, you’re still where you are. Let’s try something different.

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