Welcome to  Woman of Substance, Woman of Style


Where Extraordinary Women Come Together to Design Extraordinary 

Lives and do it  With Extraordinary Style


I designed this program specifically for YOU the woman who is embarking upon the second part of her life and beyond.  


The anticipation of approaching the Big 5-0 brings on a lot of different emotions. Some women are in denial and don’t want to talk about it, while others start planning the big birthday shortly after turning 49. Your mindset changes, and you honestly care less and less of what others think about you.  Can I get an amen?


Like you, I started to think,  “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m going to be half a century old!” I don’t feel it! And hopefully I don’t “look it” ....whatever looking  like “it” meant. I was so excited for so many reasons, and had come to discover that I still had a lot of living I wanted to do.


I’d had a successful business as an International Image & Brand Consultant where I traveled all over the world.  So, why was I saying to myself, "there has to be more than this"?


I felt guilty even thinking of doing something different. Because from the outside looking in I had a glamorous and fulfilling life. And, for the most part, I did. But, I knew the time had come for me to shift my life and be in charge of the trajectory of my second better half.


I tell people I felt like Oprah. People gawked and were shocked when she ended her 25 year show to do other things. She was known for being a very successful talk show host.  However, in her heart of hearts, she knew there was a higher calling.


I felt that very same feeling when I decided, that after almost 20 years of being a global image and brand consultant, there was something more I was called to give to the world...... the world of women over 50 to be exact. I’d come to a crossroads. My purpose had changed.  


That wasn’t the only thing that changed.  My body was changing right before my eyes. Can we say MENOPAUSE? 

  • Hot flashes

  • Night sweats

  • Mood swings

  • Waist..... What waist?

  • Unexplained and UN-welcome weight gain! Ugh!




  • Have that nagging question of, “UGH, is this REALLY my life?!?”


  • Wish you could create or find your purpose 

  • Think that getting a massage or manicure is considered self-care


  • Fear you’ll be at a loss when your kids leave for college or you retire 


  • Have a closet full of clothes, nothing to wear and 4 different sizes


  • Hate to wear makeup, go shopping, or make the excuse, “I work from home, no one sees me”


  • Are in an unfulfilling relationship, and have a pile of abandoned dreams


  • Have tried every diet under the sun and are exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster


  • Fall into a spiritual crisis every time you get only 14 likes on your social media platforms


  • Get overwhelmed just *thinking* about doing something truly exciting because you wonder WHERE WILL YOU FIND THE TIME OR MONEY




I’m human! I’ve coached my one-on-one clients and have spoken to many groups over the years and some biggest issues they have in common are: 


...too stressed


...tired and exhausted 


...not enough time


...I’m newly divorced


...I can’t seem to find a “good man!” “Where are they?”


And the ultimate of ALL…..


……I’m too busy (Girlfriend, you are NOT running the country...although you probably could...I'm just sayin)


Now... Just Imagine....


  • Designing the life of your dreams

  • Finally choosing a career that allows you to feel energized instead of drained

  • Waking up full of energy

  • Getting off the diet train…FOREVER

  • Discovering your authentic style and having a wardrobe that’s all YOU

  • Finding true love




You probably don’t believe it, but, it can actually happen. I’ve had the privilege and honor of having a successful business, and redesigning my LIFE. I’ve retired from any and all dieting, and love working with women all over the world. 




I’m here to tell you that you can have a fulfilling life. Because for the past 20 -25 years you’ve given everything to everyone, and like myself,  put yourself last.


There is something more.  Each one of us is created for a purpose, and no one else is more favored over the other. 


Woman of Substance, Woman of Style


is designed to take you from “trying to figure it out” and “swirling in chaos" to living your life with purpose.



  • The  hidden blocks that keep you binge-watching Netflix or the Bachelor instead of creating YOUR extraordinary life


  • How to recognize self-imposed limitations and create a new dialogue


  • WHY your deepest desires are the secret to discovering your life’s purpose, and HOW to discover it


  • How to shift your mindset about “what you should be doing” and allow for what you actually DESIRE and feel called to do

  • How to accept the body you’re in or how to create a lifestyle where you aren’t always feeling deprived


  • How to create a wardrobe of luxury that represents your unique style


  • How to create SOULFUL SELF CARE rituals unapologetically


  • How to create deeper spiritual connections eliminating self-doubt, and setbacks


  • How to live in a world where spirituality is your superpower…not where you use prayer as a LAST resort


Let’s design your life together. We’re put on this earth as Extraordinary Women to live Extraordinary Lives, and do so with Extraordinary Style!


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