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For the Love of....ME!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It's officially the month of LOVE! It's Valentine's Day and I want to share some of my top gifts to treat yourself not just today but throughout the year. After so many years, I've received just about every traditional Valentine's Day gift there is to have..though I'm still waiting on my private jet! Whether you're traditional or not, these are sure to enhance your day...some throughout the year.

The Classics

For those who love the classic, traditional gifts, you'll enjoy the gift of receiving what I refer to as my "to me for me" gifts. Monthly subscriptions have changed our lives and made it that much more convenient for us to save time while gifting ourselves monthly with these simple luxuries. The bonus of these subscriptions is that if you need an unexpected gift for someone or a hostess gift, these make for a fine presentation. (Bloomsybox), (Chocolate), (Champagne)

Beauty & Fragrance

These are great considerations to add impact to your signature style. A red or pink lip, a signature nail color, or fragrance are simple indulgences that never changes size no matter how much sugar or carbs you consume. (Lipstick), (Nail lacquer), (Fragrance)

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere!

If you enjoy your libations, treat it as a special affair. Stemware, barware to compliment your beverage of choice makes everything taste that much more decadent. (Wine Glasses) (Barware)

Fitness Fans

Fitness is not the time to forsake style. Great style is in everything you do and all of your surroundings. I love to look great even when breaking a sweat and I'm always looking for stylish workout gear. These are some of my new favorites. (Culture Fit Clothing, (Sophia Webster), (yogabydesign)

For the Home

Can we say candle? Not just any candle but a fragrance rich in oils that permeate an entire room or your home. I personally feel that every home should have a signature fragrance. I'm always sourcing for a scent that greets me as I enter my home and leaves a lasting impression for my guests. Whether you choose a candle or diffuser, the ambiance of scent is uber sophisticated. Oh, and don't forget your matches. I search for unique ways to showcase my matches and matchboxes. It's a scene! (Diptyque), (Hereandhome) (Wickbox)

The Gift of Style

How can we not find yet another reason to spoil ourselves with something so incredibly stylish? With so many style options and box subscriptions, I perused many different offerings and thought to try a few to see what really was worth it on the level of luxe style. I must say, I am pleased with Box of Style from Rachel Zoe. A yearly subscription, gets you items that you may not have purchased for yourself and is so well curated by one of Hollywood's top stylist. Give it try! Everything from a beauty, jewelry, to home is put in there and the presentation of the box is BEAUTIFUL! I'm still enjoying my Missoni throw in my favorite chair. Box of Style

Whether you think today is a reason for you to love on you, I personally believe that EVERYDAY is to celebrate YOU. Self-love is the best love! Of course, if you receive something from that special someone, then all the better. So Happy Galentine's Day to all my stylish women out there.

On living an Extraordinary Life with Extraordinary Style,

Yours In Style,


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