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Seeing Red!

Many know that my signature color is red! Red shoes, red bags, and of course

red lips! I know it’s quite a strong color but there’s a super power behind the

color of red. First, a certain woman wears red lipstick. She’s bold, confident,

courageous and “all of that.” We all know red lips are powerful and speaks

volumes about the person who wears it. So here’s the deal. The superpower

behind red lips is that even if you don’t feel so bold and confident, then you

don’t have to. Simply, put on your red lips and the rest is history. A good

friend of mine recently had a birthday and we were determined to find her a

red lipstick kinda like the one worn by the beautiful Tina Knowles Lawson

(aka, Beyonce’s mother). Well, we walked slightly before closing to an Ulta

store and found the perfect shade of red lipstick NARS in “Don’t Stop!”

Uhhhh-mmazzzinnng! I go through about 4 tubes of lipstick a year, especially

red. I made a declaration that my “signature” accessory would always be

something that has red or some other vibrant color. I find that a red lipstick or

nails are the easiest to have on a daily basis. So, I’ve gone and will always seek

the next best red.

I know there are many women who don’t wear lipstick, let alone red! In my

17 years as an image and brand consultant, the number one concern that I

hear from women is how do you find the perfect shade of red? There’s a red

for everyone! It’s a true red, a blue red, and an orange red. I always defer to

your DNA. What’s your genetic makeup? Hair, skin tone and eye color are

important in finding what’s perfect for you so that you don’t look like a clown.

This is a very powerful unspoken language! Lipstick! Who knew? Stay tuned

on the upcoming podcasts as I walk you through choosing the right red for


But I tell you, the power of a simple swipe of color or texture of some sort is

quite powerful. Whether it’s a signature nude, pink or’s the small

details that make all the difference. What's in your compact? #womanofstyle

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