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Serum or not to serum

A great friend of mine and I were chuckling the other day about how we missed an entire decade not addressing our décolleté ! Well, what happened? No one told us or maybe they did. All we were excited about was that we had been using serums in our skincare regimen and was excited to add yet another cream and I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to my beauty routines. First, know that no amount of make-up in the world is a substitute for great skin. It’s the canvas for your color cosmetics. If you have great skin, less make-up is often necessary; therefore your skincare is one of the best investments you will make. Now, the serum. Why do we need this additional layer and expense to help preserve some sense of vibrancy to our skin? I noticed that my skin was dull, and was becoming drier with age, so of course, like many, my skincare regimen changed. But serums…and other “treatments” oh my goodness! Well, I asked all my friends and beauty colleagues, what were some of their favorite serums. Of course there is that one friend who looks like she’s doing a Benjamin Button (aging backwards) and has been using Lubriderm the past 20 years! Seriously? It comes down to this. After you cleanse your skin and tone (if that’s something you do) then you simply apply the serum or skin treatment onto your skin and follow with moisturizer. It helps prepare it for moisture and/or treat it with highly concentrated ingredients depending on your specific needs. It also leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and supple. It’s a lot of bang for your buck and I can’t imagine a beauty routine without serum. Here are some of my favorites that I know work incredibly well. (Click Here

For My Favorites) To luxurious skin.

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