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Size Matters

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Ashley Graham walking runway of NYFW

How often as women have we heard that? Or honestly, talked about size? We apply this idea to many different things but especially when it comes to self- image and body image. Working in the fashion and style industry it now seems size is a hot topic. There are “plus-size” models (which instead of being a 00 to size 2 these women are size 8-10!) being shown both on the runways and print media. Size matters so much that I chose to do my master’s thesis on a well-known couture house that’s all the rage right now. I dared to propose that it takes the lead to offer expanded and inclusive sizes for ALL women. Some designers are offering extended sizes while others are slowly embracing the inclusion of the masses. But before I take this further, let’s talk about our bodies. If I had a dollar for every time a prospective client said to me, “I’ll call you when I lose some weight!” I could buy a luxury item I’ve been coveting.

The pressures of society and the media through the years have imposed ridiculous beauty standards and the delusions of a “perfect size”. Now let me be clear - I’m not sending ill will towards anyone who flaunts a svelte figure and truthfully, I realize nutrition and fitness is a lifestyle. However, I am saying is that for the first time in many years it’s so refreshing to see true representation of myself, clients, family and friends represented in fashion. Interestingly enough, different cultures feel differently about size and embrace having “womanly” bodies. My grandmother used to say, “the only thing wanna a bone is a dog!” I pride myself as a style strategist who really understands the curvy body, with placement of pattern, color, etc., and I am able to source stylish clothing that doesn’t look like a sack on the body. Understanding the unique challenges (and benefits!) of a curvy body I realize how garments drape smoothly on the body to create an ideal silhouette that works.

Websites and retailers have also taken note, and now women that find themselves outside of NYFW model size now have more style choices than ever before at every price point and fashion personality. There is a movement within the industry and it’s exciting! Women of all sizes are being noticed as consumers who not enjoy luxury clothing but are more than willing to pay for it if offered. It’s actually insulting to women to say, we’ll take your thousands of dollars on bags, shoes, and small leather goods but our clothing….not so much. Sigh…change is slow.

But on a lighter note, check out some of my favorite looks and luxury inclusive size designers and clothing by clicking the link below. I’m interested to know your thoughts about the fashion and style industry and sizing. What are some of your favorite websites for shopping?

Special kudos to the celebs that have made the curvy body a figure to desire! Shout out to JLo, Beyoncé, and many others. But let the record show that since I am older than both of them I had the derriere first! LOL! Also, I’d be remiss without highlighting actors such as Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCartney and Chrissy Metz who add to the beautiful tapestry of diversity of size and talent in the industry.

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Gabriel Marsh
Gabriel Marsh
Sep 19, 2021

Thankk you for writing this

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