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The Big O!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Ok! So first off, it's not what you think! That's a topic for another day, at another time. I've been incognito during the past few months and have attempted to write several posts that are now safely tucked away since the best Summer dresses, sandals, and denim are sooo last month and although it may not feel like it; Fall is right around the corner.

As I've contemplated on how to re-engage the blog, I settled on simply sharing a common emotion, close to home, and one we've all experienced. OVERWHELM! Yep, the Big O.

This pesky emotion can sneak up and inhabit your mental space, which then has an affect on your physical body, and like dominoes, a host of other emotions tend to fall. You get my drift? This Summer we've had a lot of moving pieces in our family that was a continuum of the recovery of our oldest son's serious auto-accident in January which left him bedridden, in a wheelchair, non-weight bearing for over 12 weeks and expanded our household by "party of three" for six months. With God's grace, we rallied together with love as a family for healing and support and with great joy and gratitude, watch him walk down the aisle with a cane, for his wedding on June 23rd. I sobbed the entire ceremony (resulting in my lashes falling off) full of emotions.

Meet The Barnes & (The Duke of Charlotte)

As if that wasn't one really prepares you to care for and manage an aging parent....Needless to say, it was one thing after another (dominoes) and in the midst of it all life is still happening around us. So, what's a gal to do? Well, surprisingly when people asked me how was I holding up, I would be honest and let them know, other than physically tired, I was good considering and I have an amazing tribe that were with me through it all! Although, there were days I dreamed of going Thelma & Louise on everyone and ride off into the sunset! In this post, I'd like to empower you with a few simple considerations to address the Big O!

First, take a deep breath and calm yourself and know that all is well. As simple as it may seem, deep breathing relaxes the body. It's not by accident there is a heightened awareness and access to the practice of yoga, and meditation. It truly is healing of both the body and mind. Personally, I practice TM (Transcendental Meditation) which helps me stay grounded.

If you're thinking, you can't sit still long maybe, just maybe subconsciously be living in a constant state of the Big O. ......There's an app for that! :-)

Secondly, separate yourself from the voices in your head....yes...that one asking "which voices?" Who's really running the show? THOUGHTS HAVE POWER! If you work with me, this will seriously be embedded in you! Your thoughts create your entire life. Separate and recognize what you're saying about the situation. Then change the conversation "in your head." Your body is an A+ student. It listens very well to what you tell it and responds accordingly.

Finally, remove the emotions and address the issues. Facts.."what really happened?" Emotions..."OMG!" "I'm tired, worried, stressed..." (all legitimate)," Sigh,"this is too much." Then toss in external factors of well-intended bystanders .."you poor thing," "that's too much!" and the list can go on and on. We're all badass women, but Wonder Woman is a fictional character. We're not here to save the world, nor are we running the country (although we could...considering).

Overwhelm is an inside job. Seriously. It's a human emotion experienced by all of us. The good news is that we have the power to manage it, once we recognize what it is, and then practice diffusing it. If you looked at my life from the outside over the past several months one would think I'd be lying on someone's couch, taking meds, paralyzed with immobility, and "in my feelings." On a serious note, I must add I'm not opposed to help if need be and marvel at the increased awareness placed on the collage of mental health in our country. Consider becoming intimate with your thoughts and separate facts vs. fiction. Self awareness is powerful and for me an ongoing practice.

What's your practice for managing your Big O? One of the best kept secrets of living an extraordinary life with less "O" and more grace and ease is self-awareness. Whether you think it's your job, or someone else, change doesn't happen outside of you. You take you wherever you go. You are in control and like Dorothy in The Wizard of have the always have.



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