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The Good China

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

As we close in on another week of a new normal, I’ve been reflective and acutely more aware of the surroundings in my home. The vase I purchased from Southeast Asia many years ago, the Waterford crystal candlesticks I scored from Home Goods, and my prize collection of coffee table books I’ve picked up along the way. The covers are so beautiful to look at and make for an elegant display. Of course they’re all about art, fashion, and interiors. Yes, I’ve skimmed through most of them but I asked myself, “have I ever really read through them?” Hmmm. Why not? What was I waiting for? What day was going to be the day I actually read through something that I cherished and valued? This brings me to the topic at hand; the good china.

I’m not sure about you but growing up we had a curio cabinet where the good china was kept and only used on “special occasions.”

They sat well over a few hundred days a year showing off coming out at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and I believe Easter where they met us at dinner table with the tablecloth and all the trimmings and fanfare. Why the “special occasion?” I asked. “Why were we saving it for a special day?”

I was reading an old article; “If I had to Live My Life Over,” by the late Erma Bombeck; notable humorist, columnist, and best selling author of several books, she talks about all the things she would have done differently such as, she states; “I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded” and, “I would have eaten less cottage cheese and more ice cream.”

This new routine of everydayness at home can be mind-numbing and honestly a bit overwhelming at times. Today is reason enough to seek out moments of joy whenever they present themselves.

Let’s make this season of our lives, whatever it is for you, more special with those things we’re saving for that special occasion. Break out the good china for tonight’s homemade pizza. Let your family know how special they are and create a new rituals by using ALL the good stuff; especially the fine china. Because why not? Enjoy the small luxuries in life.

For your morning tea or coffee….an elegant tea cup or mug.

Wine or cocktails

Cloth napkins..(yep! paper products are a commodity these days)

Don’t wait for that perfect moment — it’s already right here. We are here to live extraordinary lives!!

Yours InStyle,


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I agree, wholeheartedly, enjoy life today!!!


Excellent photo arrays


Sand Storm
Sand Storm
Apr 03, 2020

Well said Mrs . Sonya i enjoyed this remarkable read that brought back memories and the white porcelin plates the bright photos of the different pieces of China were equally enjoyed


Emma Allen
Emma Allen
Apr 02, 2020


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