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There's No Place Like Home

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

As the world around us is adjusting to our new normal of working from home, homeschooling children/grandchildren and most likely spending more time than ever in our homes, many have taken work from home to a new level of when it comes to your appearance. Past studies have shown that even when you work from home, get up and get dressed as if you’re going into the office. That may be the case as its proven to increase productivity. But truth be told, most are rolling up out of bed and rolling downstairs into their new home office; the dining room or kitchen table in their pajamas. Why not add a bit of luxury—even if it is loungewear to elevate both your mood and experience?

Those who know me understand that there are simple luxuries in my life that are non-negotiable. Of course, fresh flowers, a candle, and yes, loungewear! I am that girl! Anything soft, flowy, and pretty are my jam. When I come home from a long day, I’m looking for a kaftan of some sort, or a luxe loungewear ensemble. As a matter of fact, during graduate school, I shared with my professors, that I wanted to start a luxury loungewear line. It’s that serious. I love to look and feel great even when I’m home. My sacred and safe space. Now you may not have the obsession I have and prefer sweats or other “comfy” clothing, that’s fine. No judgement. Let me clarify, I’m so not talking about lingerie. That’s another topic for another time. I’m speaking ease of movement, yummy, sumptuous fabrics that feel good on your skin, and yet comfortable; which of course is a high priority. When you look amazing AND feel incredibly comfortable, and of course stylish, it’s effortless chic at its best. Here are some options to consider as you settle into your new wardrobe. Try them and see how you feel.

Even in these unprecedented times, there's always space to create a little bit of luxury in your life. Simple lives are also Extraordinary let's continue to live in Extraordinary Style.

Be Well.

Yours In Style,


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