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Can You Say ASHTANGA yoga?

As I look back on some of my previous work, I came across a blog

I wrote about seven years ago when I took up yoga as a

supplement to my running regime. I found it quite funny and it

made me laugh so I thought I’d share. What’s different now..well,

the obvious. However, like many of you, I seek what is the one

thing I can do to this body that has changed right before my eyes?

What worked before doesn’t quite respond to what’s before me.

Although I’m not as “all consumed” and I say that lightly about

my weight and size as I went through a 30lb weight gain since this

original blog due to an auto-immune diagnosis and medicine. I’ve

realized that the energy and mental space about our bodies can be

ever present before me, particularly due to the media and all the

anti-aging campaigns we are bombarded with daily.

I, like many, question the parallel of the two. I’ve done it all when

it comes to exercise..well most. The year I turned 50 I wanted to

not just look great on that day, but so wanted to start the new

journey of what many know as my Sonya Barnes 2.0. I realize that

health and fitness is a journey NOT a destination or date. The

energy it takes can be all consuming and flat out exhausting!

Today, I choose to practice transcendental meditation, yoga and

some form of low impact pilates. I’m not built for my joints to take

a brutal beating for so many reasons for any extended period of

time. I often laugh in jest as I’m older than JLo and Beyonce’ I

had the butt first and can honestly say I LOVE my curves. And if

you’re a yogi and practice Ashtunga...I am bowing down before

you for taking the plunge and embracing this particular form of

the practice. For me, this is a wisdom that comes with age...

Ok, so here it is....

So like many of you may or may not know that I am completely

obsessed about my body (sometimes in a good way, others...well, I

haven’t been officially diagnosed). So when the Susie Scale

indicates a slight gain or my clothes don’t hang just perfect, I go

into overdrive!! I am shocked at how much mental space I

sometimes allow my obsession with my body and weight take up

in my daily thoughts. I’m talking it can be CONSUMING!!! So, I

implemented the practice of yoga just over a year ago to

supplement my new choice of physical activity running, which I

love! I’ve taken yoga upon yoga classes and happened upon a class

that I didn’t realize had a different name other than Power Mixed,

Hot Vinyasa or Flow. ASHTANGA. Was I shocked! Who signed

me up and WHY didn’t anyone tell me it was something to do

about 8-limbs. Kicked my butt!!! Made me feel like my ASSST

HUNGA!!! (No offense to the yogi’s). Full lotus? The binds?

OMG!! I felt like a nubie all over again. Now I’m up for a physical

challenge and intentionally chose the practice of yoga because the

only challenge is with myself. Mind, body and spirit. However, all

I kept thinking was I’m going to break my arm seriously or simply

fall face first on my mat! So much for being present!!

I’ve committed to my own 21 day challenge of yoga. Yes, that’s 21

days of class! And as if that doesn’t fuel my competitive spirit

enough, I’ve decided to run my first half-marathon on November

6th! I should be in the best shape ever and in oneness with

myself :-)) Any takers? To any other fitness fanatics, I’d love for

you to join me.

To a cup of tea and a good night’s rest. Day 8 tomorrow....



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