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How Low Will You Go?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Photo courtesy of Schutz Shoes

I’ve always been a high heeled kinda woman! I’m only 5’3 1/2” tall, so I love putting on shoes that gives me height. In my own mind, it gave me greater presence and often, a greater sense of confidence. And of course, we all know a fabulous heel is quite sexy! Now, I’m not at the point of tossing my great heels out quite yet, but I’m a bit more open to a lower heeled option…sometimes referred to as flats! The other "F" word (clutching my pearls)! Yep! Me! The beauty of it all, lower heels are more stylish than ever. The new shoe du jour has made a comeback and I’m so grateful. Flats bring to mind the boring round toed shoes in bland colors that looked quite matronly worn by little old ladies with orthotic issuses. Of course Chanel and Tory Burch have their signature ballet flats, but I wanted something not so “flatsy-looking” if you know what I mean.

Now I peruse the fashion blogs, magazines, and see celebrities, both young and old; and realize that a lower heeled alternative is actually on trend. I say that loosely as I am not an early adapter of trends.Whether you choose a mule; the easy slide on, a classic ballet flat, or the ingenue of a kitten heel, when you’re not flying high in your sexy, fabulous heels; you can still keep it stylish. Even the tennis shoe has reared it’s head as a shoe closet staple to the fashionable; and the price range runs the gamut. Even our Duchess, Meghan Markle is known to be seen in her favorite stylish, vegan leather sport which makes it that much more appealing. ( Here are some options for considering a lower heel.

Aside from the obvious comfort; look for visual interest in the shoe whether in the heel, as seen below, or embellishments on top. They really do add personality to a wardrobe. This is one thing in your wardrobe NOT to skimp on! Indulge and invest in the best of the best.

As we all know from the story of Cinderalla ..."One Shoe Can Change Your Life"

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On having Extraordinary Style

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I have a pair of black, flat pointy toe mules with an interesting “bow” detail on the front, which I call my ”witchy” shoes. They look like something the wicked witch of the west would wear - and I love them!

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