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Keto...Paleo.."Oh No!"

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I’ve debated for a while to write about this topic as I realize it can go way beyond a simple blog post. As women, we go through so many biological changes throughout our lifetime starting from pre-teen periods to post menopause and everything in between. Simply put, our bodies change with time. Whether you’re peri-menopausal, in the flames of hot flashes, drowning in night sweats, or you see the light at the end of the tunnel, for many women, “the change” makes us feel a loss of control and that an alien has inhabited our body.

The very things that worked in our younger years, simply are stagnated as we age. That pudge in the middle, the libido, the hair thinning, dry skin, etc is real.

Of course I must point out that there are some women who are naturally, genetically slender framed and their concern may be slightly different than those of us with unwanted pounds; it’s the loss of muscle mass and strong bones that raise a brow.

I’ve spoken to many friends and coached several clients through the “I don’t know what’s going on with my body!” conversation and the enormous amount of information that is bombarded through media channels along with celebrity sightings of our peers with svelte bodies can cause a commotion in our heads….IF we’re not careful. There is a quote that I love that says, “Comparison is the thief of joy!” So true. Stop comparing yourself to others.

I’m no nutritionist, or personal trainer. I’m just yet another woman in her 50’s who recognizes the need for a shift in lifestyle trying to figure out what works best for my body. We all know that hormones can be tricky little minions and have us running in a million different directions in search for a solution.

If I see another trend in the dieting and nutrition world, I think I’m going to barf! Literally! If you’re slightly in tune with your nutrition and fitness and anxiously seeking and praying that the new thing may work, you can’t help but notice the marketing of the latest diet trends. From the Keto Diet; basically lots of good fat, low to moderate carbohydrates, and moderate protein, to the Paleo; all plant based no processed foods to the Whole 30; 30 days of a combination of these two and NONE of these programs allowing for wine! Seriously?!!! Keeping up with the latest trends and fads along with the numbers on our scale feels like yet another job or thing to do on the already unrealistic "to-do list."

Many women are consumed with the daily thoughts of “did I work out enough?” “How many carbs did I eat?” “Is it gluten-free?” “I don’t do dairy” “I must do extra cardio this week to burn off!”…or “I have to make sure I log this cookie into MyFitness Pal!” ENOUGH!

Not to mention the emotional toll it can have on us like avoiding social functions, reunions, and spending meaningful time with family and friends from the shame of weight gain and appearance. Where is the enjoyment in life? This is not abundant living.

I’m not saying that health and fitness are not important; in fact, it’s a critical component to living our most abundant and extraordinary life. But what I'm actually saying is that for every gathering, every holiday, every meal enjoyed there is a grading scale of guilt. It’s exhausting!

There is not a one size fits all. What works for one person may not work for another. In the end, we all know these 7 unanimous things for sure about fitness and nutrition from the experts, regardless of what nutrition program you choose to adopt. This is always a great start and foundation to build upon.

1). All roads point to sugar as the culprit. Sugar is not our friend as it is addictive.

2). Getting moving is non-negotiable. Something. Anything. MOVE.

3). Protein is king! It’s what strong bones and muscles are built upon.

4). Water, water, water…that’s all.

5). Supplements are our assistants. Find out what your body is lacking with foods and determine what supplements you need to be complete.

6). Whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables should be the bulk of your meal and finally,

7). All things in moderation.

I encourage you to be gentle on yourself as I have learned to be with myself. It's a process that requires a daily practice for me of living in "All is Well." If you're in general good health for the most part, then this journey of fitness and nutrition is a situation not a problem! A real problem is when there is nothing you can do, or it's out of your control.

Get off the diet rat race and hit reset. Be still and listen to YOUR body. Praise other women. Surround yourself with a tribe of supportive women. Find out what makes your body work and pay attention to how it responds to different foods. Refine, and tweak until you reach a happy medium that allows you to be the best version of yourself and live in the moment. I haven't met an elder woman yet that looks back and discusses what diets she was on and how thin she is. Life is lived in moments and the memories made. You Got this!........We Got this!

Here's to health and abundance and living Extraordinary Lives, with Extraordinary Style.


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