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The Space of "In-Between"

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Given the fact that I reside in the South, I really cannot speak for the folks who are getting dumped with snow in the Northeast and other parts of the world. However, for those of us in the Southeast, our weather has been quite unsettling. It’s that time of year where we know it’s still officially winter, but we have some beautiful days of sunshine and warm weather. It’s the bewildering state of “in-between.” I wake up each day wondering what the weather will actually be for the day. Cold in the morning, warming during the day, and freezing at night! Ugghhh! Aside from layers which can cause the onset of hot flashes, I’m often asked what my go-to is for this season of “in-between.” Well, in total truth and transparency, I’m struggling with more than this seasonal limbo we’re in. My weight has betrayed me by skyrocketing and these extra pounds are quite unwelcome! In-between seasons and in-between weight is like having a several women in my head that leave me in a tizzy! I’ve revolted against buying the next size up….(the kiss of death!), and realize that living in leggings is deceitful! I’ve gone back to a simple silhouette that actually solves the “in-between” dilemma of both seasons and weight - the famous fit and flare dress also known as an A-line. Remember that? It used to be a good friend of mine until the fitted and tailored looks became so popular. But honey, let me tell you….the trusted fit and flare dress saves us all!

In between seasons, it can be worn with tights and knee boots or booties, and you can feel free to don a motor jacket or blazer. You can put a turtleneck or tissue sweater underneath as an additional foundation piece or to peep a pop of color, and of course, a classic, white, button-down for sleeveless A-line dresses. There are a multitude of fabric choices, and you can choose prints or solids! Talk about keeping it simple!

The space of “in-between” can be a little tricky, but get ahead of the game and go with simplicity. After all, we are living extraordinary lives with EXTRAordinary style!

On Having Extraordinary Style......

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