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A Funner Summer!

Who says you can't go back in time? This summer, let's embrace the carefree spirit of our childhood. Think about all the fun, mindless play we did when we were young girls. Often, it brings a smile to my face and a few, "Oh yeah! I remember thats."

Ladies, midlife can be magical. Who says summer fun is just for kids? Let's reclaim our sense of adventure this season and make it "A Funner Summer" for ourselves. I posted yesterday, July 1st, that our theme word for July is FUN! Honestly, I'm preaching to the choir because summer is my LEAST favorite season. It's too hot; you can take off only so many clothes, and snakes, bugs, mosquitos, and cicadas are everywhere!

When we were little girls, our summers were quickly filled with mindless games of jump rope, catching lightning bugs, playing jacks, and creating houses with popsicle sticks. Who remembers that? Well, fast-forward 40+ years, and we've become nonstop "doers." The one thing I think we all can agree on is that life is precious. We're redefining what matters most and how we don't give "AF" as much about anything or anyone who doesn't bring us joy. Life's too precious.

5 Reasons Why Funner Summer Matters Now More Than Ever?

1. Stress Relief in a Complex World

We juggle so many responsibilities with careers, families, aging parents, adult children, and, for some, grandchildren. Having fun isn't a luxury but an overlooked necessity in creating the illusion of "balance." One of the things I often ask my clients to do is to remember a childhood activity they enjoyed and do that. It's usually a coloring book or a puzzle, but it brings them back to an escape or a focus of play.

2. Cognitive Health

Do you know that research shows that trying something new or doing some form of activity from childhood can help maintain cognitive function as we age? We're giving our brains a workout, potentially staving off cognitive decline and keeping our minds sharp.

3. Hormonal Balance

We know the benefits that physical activity has on our overall health. Still, studies also show that social interaction and creative expression can help reduce cortisol levels, assisting in balancing hormones naturally. This is especially beneficial for women in both perimenopause and menopause.

4.  Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience, our psychological immune system, is our superpower. It's our ability to not just cope, but thrive in the face of life's changes. It's what helps us bounce back from setbacks and challenges. And when we're having fun, it's like we're boosting our resilience, relaxing our nervous system, and building a network of support. Think of it as the new pickleball craze but for your mind.

5. Redefining Identity

Who am I? What's my role? How do I even…? Is this as good as it gets?" So many questions and life changes are coming at us without prior warning from anyone.  Children growing up and leaving the nest, careers shifting, parents twice a child, once an adult, and myriad of changes happening to our bodies and minds. Geez! Having fun involves more than social drinking and allows us to explore new aspects of ourselves, unconstrained by roles and expectations. I can honestly say that grandchildren make it a bit easier.

"Funner" isn't Frivolous!

Let's take this month to embrace a real zest for our 2.0 version of life. A "funner summer" is an investment not just in ourselves regarding our health but also in an enriched life for those around us.

As we embrace July, this full summer month, let's focus on inhaling and exhaling, relaxing our shoulders, and adopting the attitude of joy, gratitude, and FUN!

What are some ways you can add some fun in this season? I'd love to hear. Leave a comment below. Meanwhile, I'm always available to help you design and lead an extraordinary life.

Be sure to share with me on my social platforms (IG @sonyabarnes) what fun things you are doing this month of July.

Live Well, Be Well,

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Kimberly Ivey
Kimberly Ivey


July 1 is my beginning to a "Funner Summer"! I used to love writing letters to friends and enclosing a Polaroid of myself doing something

Jazzy! I think I'll do that again. Writing is therapeutic for me. I miss doing that. THANKS for this PSA of making it a funner summer! We needed this, friend. Whoooo hoooo. Cutting me some jean shorts today and headed to Gdub to find me am old school fun t-shirt! Nostalgia is life. Here's to SummerTime2024!

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