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The Art of the Gift

Happy Holidays! Yes, I know...say no more. There are officially 9 days til Christmas from the time I'm putting out my holiday gift guide. I've enjoyed reading the many gift guides and scouring for things I love and those things that are meaningful this year of 2020. Whether gifts for yourself, or family and friends in your life; a thoughtful gesture will be appreciated..

I honestly believe there is an art to choosing the perfect gift. First, consider the energy and essence of the person. The actual being of the recipient. Strip away their job and the many roles they play in their day to day. Listen and observe acutely to what they love and brings them joy; even the small things.

I've tried to find a little something for everyone and left out some of my favorite, obvious gifts that I've shared in previous blogs. From pure luxury to fun puzzles and subscriptions; the gift that keeps on giving, I hope you find something to wrap for the holidays.

For The Guys

At Home and Dressed

Whether for a drop in or just because you feel like it, wear it.

Staying In Shape

Most have adopted some form of fitness during 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Consider these unique and essentials for the fitness enthusiast.

For the Love of Red

All Things Beauty

This could have been a huge section, but, check out my blog on Clean Beauty

One to Read

I really thought of gifts that immersed you. I love giving a magazine subscription, a historic book, and this year a few classics.

For the Discerning

Whether a retro techie, a homebody, or the intellectual. Surely, one of these should satisfy.

The Furbaby

This holiday season we have so much to be grateful for. Please enjoy time with your family and friends.

Yours In Style,


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