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Do Not Resolve to Anything!

Happy New Year! Yes, she’s still new and refreshed and you can harness her transformational energy today, tomorrow, and every day throughout 2021. I am excited to share the collective wisdom of an inspiring group of coaches that are part of my circle of advisors to support your soulful launch into the new year. This process is a commitment to honoring the old and ushering in the new, rather than forming static new year’s resolutions. Let’s go!

First things first! You must do this step.

First, to move forward, we must look back upon 2020.

  • Ask yourself what beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and behaviors you need to leave behind. Make a list.

  • What did you realize about yourself that you didn't know? How did you grow? What did you fail at?

  • Finally, what were your most joyous moments? (Tip: scroll through your photos and memes.)

For me, I got the much-needed rest I craved and was able to reset. I discovered that I am more resilient than I ever thought, even as my beloved agenda planning unraveled. I deepened my spiritual practice and up-leveled my nutrition by becoming 90% plant-based and obtaining my barre certification. All imperfectly! And, I decided to limit my availability to toxic people and negative energy. This is a crucial step.

Second Question and this next one is a big one!

  • Who do I not want to be in 2021? Here are some examples that you may consider: I don't want to be someone who procrastinates, dishonors their word, or waits for someone to fix something.

  • By teasing out the “don’ts” first, you are addressing your limiting beliefs to make space for your new beliefs.

To share transparently I do not want to be that woman who gets obsessed over the small stuff. I am determined not to be that woman who is overly consumed with thoughts over her fitness and nutrition. I realize that in listening to many conversations with women, regardless of how well we're making progress, someone always has the disclaimer of, "well, I still have xx amount of weight to lose," or, "I'm not eating this or that." It's exhausting! I've grown tremendously over the years but honestly, if 2020 has taught me but one thing; good health is priceless, and I'm grateful to have it. Imperfect as I may be.

The third question is about the woman you want to become in 2021.

Notice I'm not asking what you want to accomplish, including the amount of money you want to make, or how much weight you want to lose. Rather, who do you need to become on the other side of these actions? A better friend? Mother? Wife/Partner? Maybe a better role model or leader? It’s not about the action, it’s about your being…who you think yourself to be. If you see yourself as overweight, that’s who you are supporting into existence. If you’re always talking about a lack of money and struggle, the same is true. Your barometer has been set.

In order to go higher, you have to elevate your mindset with less talk about doing and more intention about being. Most will say, "I want to be more loving or forgiving." What’s on the other side of forgiving, allowing, letting go? Who do you need to become to support living in that way? These actions call upon your intentionality around practicing confidence and compassion to guide you to your desired outcome.

Now, decide what is your intention or big over-arching goal you’d like to accomplish in 2021.

It's here where most start making a list of items. I find when doing this, your energy and focus are dispersed. Keep it simple! My overarching goal includes personal elements of my "why" which include supporting women approaching 50 in making grand transitions and embracing a commitment to practicing fulfilling physical movement. This doesn’t mean I can’t achieve other things this year, but not at the sacrifice of my one big goal/intention.

And, the final game changer: Choose your Word of the Year.

I highly recommend choosing an adjective. An adjective describes the beingness of you.

Sit with it for a day or two. Ask yourself and then trust yourself that it’s your word to embody this year. You will revisit this word anytime you feel yourself drifting off into your old beliefs or thinking patterns.

So much love, blessings and light to you and yours in 2021!

Yours In Style,


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