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Holiday Shopping Kick-Off

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Ok, so all weekend I've been lazing around scrolling through the web and watching "Peaky Blinders" on Netflix. Between the text and email notifications, it's officially here; holiday shopping kick-off. I wanted to share some of my favorite shopping online sites. When I say everyone is having a sale...consider this our holiday stimulus. This weekend I want to focus on your inner style icon. Last blog, I encouraged you to Buy Black, so refer to that one to support Black-owned retailers and designers. Now, think, "what is it that I want, I can now splurge?" Of course there are the obvious big box retailers such as ,, and,.

As a local small business owner, I highly encourage you to first source and support your local boutiques and retailers. We/they need all the support during this time and I'm sure would greatly appreciate your patronage.

If you are loving the global vibe of prints galore and fullness; this is global, feminine chic at it's best. I love shopping this site for the Bohemian style client. Right now everything site wide is 30% off!

Let it be known, this longstanding American made brand has been around since 1941. Made in America, Coach has revitalized their brand and targeted the young at heart with collaborations with Megan the Stallion, Jennifer Lopez and Jeremy Lin. So proud of them. Many people sleep on Coach, but they are still considered a luxury brand in the business of fashion.

A great editorial shopping site. Regardless of what the occasion. This retailer comes through. With their signature line Intermix and offering of moderate to luxe brands. Style can be found here for every type of style personality. Relaxed casual, vegan leather, Balmain, out on the town, even WFH (work from home).

From current runway shows to impeccably pre-owned designer goods. I can always find great style at

If you want to bring in the big dogs of style, these websites illicit sheer excitement! They are always on trend and you can carry from season to season. Truly investment pieces.

Work From Home and Loungewear is and has always been my favorite; even pre-COVID-19. These are some of my favorite loungewear sites. Luxe lounge for me wins every time. Check out some of these sites from classic to dramatic.,,,,, and finally All have a serious offering! Sign up and stay tuned with these tried and true brands.

Ok, so now that it's Saturday night and we have about 72 hours left to get the goods, check out a few more sites. If you sign up for the newsletters, they offer an additional discount. The key to not having your inbox bombarded is to create a shopping email just for this purpose. Such as (fake email) or anything else you want to call it.

Of course, I will be providing gift guides weekly as we go through the season. I'm always here as your style concierge.

Yours In Style,


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1 Comment

Sand Storm
Sand Storm
Nov 29, 2020

Splendid read here. I love how the stimulus package for the holidays is bringing things back to some sort of normalcy.

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