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Life After Leggings

Alas, we knew this time would eventually come. The world slowly opening back up and we are slowly adapting to a new present reality. Simply put, we gotta get dressed! YES! I said it. Many have loved the feel and comfort of Zoom attire with comfy on the bottom, appropriate on the top. For some, putting back on denim or any other piece of clothing that had a waistband with buttons or zippers was a big wakeup call. Waist? What?!! Yes, I too enjoyed the ease and freedom of indulging in my bottom half being relaxed allowing me to indulge in more carbs for almost a year which is more than I'd consumed in the last 5 years.

When I speak with some of my clients, the feelings of getting dressed again comes with mixed emotions. So, now that we are being seen again, attending social events, and the workplace landscape has changed to our new office at home, what do we wear?

Whether a private in-home gathering, or dining alfresco with friends, our approach to dressing comes with a new sense of intrigue, appreciation for diversity and inclusion in fashion, and a freedom of full expression through color. Here are some of my favorite transitional pieces.

The Playsuit

Formerly known as the romper, this utilitarian look is in full effect. Whether in full pants which is considered a boiler suit, shorts or skirts, rompers have resurfaced. I dare you!

The Dress

Always a winner for me. It's a one piece hit and a fail-proof outfit. One and done. Whether a patio dinner, cocktails, Sunday brunch, or a night out. You can never go wrong with a dress. If you want to create a Summer wardrobe and stay stylish and keep it simple. Invest in dresses.

The Romantic Blouse

A bit whimsy for me, but for my strong feminine power and romantics, you'll fall in love with this style. Yes, for those of us of a certain age, we remember these

The Textured Sandal

Texture is all the rage. I love the rafia materials I'm seeing in shoes and handbags. Also, the winner of style for the season is the coveted Bottega Veneta mule, which has now been duplicated by so many other less expensive brands.

Pieces I'm Coveting

A beautiful tote, preferably in white. A kimono of any sorts. I love this one as it's designed by a female black designer and the print is original. Linen! Yes, I'm embracing linen in more colors than beige and white. This chocolate brown blouse is so elegant. I challenge you to go for something out of the norm. Buy something that makes you smile. Yellow does it for me every time. A structural shape handbag is always a winner, and fun sunnies express your personality.

Remember, last year this time we were all on lockdown. This is the best time to come out roaring in something fun and exciting. Continue to stay stylish and safe.

Yours In Style,


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Sand Storm
Sand Storm
Jun 25, 2021

This was a great reminder that the lockdown has given the opportunity for people to reinvent themselves, starting with the wardrobe. A nice upbeat read that brightens the eye of the reaader with future pleasantries for the new normal.

Jun 26, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! It's time to live out loud!!!


Great Read Sonya!❤️

YES– I tried on my jeans after wearing tights everyday and was SHOCKED! 3 whole inches would not close!!🥴 immediately ordered a stationary bike! Thank God lost it and can now fit my jeans again! I’m loving the Dresses out this year so easy and CHIC!


Jun 24, 2021
Replying to

Same here! I'm really putting in the time to get my body back! Amazing how easy it is to put on and stubborn to get off. Congratulations!

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